Constantly Distracted? 3 Tips to Stay Focused

Raise your hand if you are constantly distracted?

Getting distracted is normal and, unless you are super-human, most everyone does it. Here are three tips I use regularly to stay on top of my tasks.

Tip #1 - Be gentle with yourself!! Instead of chastising yourself or even should'ing yourself because you got distracted try this instead...kindly and gently remind yourself of what you are meant to be doing then tell yourself no and then get back to the task.

Seriously! When we tell ourselves no and re-direct ourselves back to our task we are parenting ourselves. It's actually a really cool method for us to practice! Also, when we are aware of our own capacity for distractions and practice healthy discipline on ourselves it translates well to others too.

Tip #2 - Reward yourself! Instead of not allowing yourself any space during the day give yourself a reward when you finish a task. The reward can be anything. At 4:30 I close my laptop, put on my swimsuit, and go to the beach for a swim. That's my reward for staying inside and working all day. The other reward I use reguIarly is I give myself a 10-minute break at the end of every hour of work. I get to choose to check Facebook, play the game on my phone, pet my cats, go for a walk...anything you can think of that gives your brain and body a break is what is most important here.

Little rewards and breaks are like the margins and spaces between letters on a page. Without margins and spaces everything runs together and it's all unintelligible.

Tip #3 - Practice saying no to yourself and others! If you have a tendency towards people-pleasing this will be really hard (this coming from a recovering people-pleaser). But if you can keep at it one day you'll say no and it'll feel so right. I absolutely promise. It can be no to a client, a child, parent, the dog, the cookie in your hand (okay, you would be talking to yourself there)...the point here is that saying no to yourself first will put you on track for the first two tips.

BONUS TIP: Stop shaming yourself!! Your needs are important. If you don't give them to yourself then you won't get them from anyone else.

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