Finding My Voice

I've been trying to find my voice.

No. Not my real human-coming-out-of-my-mouth voice.

My written voice.

When you read my words and stories, what do you hear?

What I want is to have an air of authority. I'm afraid it sounds more know-it-all.

I also want to be funny, but not sarcastic. It often feels flat and off-putting.

I can feel it in my bones when I've written something well. It's like my soul accepts it on a deeper level. When that happens it's as if I've hit the chord exactly right and all the people turn their head in unison towards me.

THAT right there is Brand Voice. That's the type of voice I want for my business. And I'm finding that it takes some work to figure out what that is. What the words are.

What I want and what it actually is can be two wildly different things.

Here's a very interesting article on Brand Archetypes and how we can utilise them best for our businesses.

What kind of Brand Archetype is your business? What voice do you want to portray?

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