Five Reasons I Love My CRM

First of all, what is a CRM??

When I first started working at the real estate company (in 2019) my manager said something about the CRM they use. I looked at her with a blank face. Let's just say that my 10 years of working from home didn't exactly open a lot of doors for me.

Since returning to the wider world (not reclused at home) I have learned A LOT. Including what CRM is.

CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management. If you own a business, you manage relationships with clients in a variety of ways. Most of these ways are bulky, difficult, wasteful and unorganised. Translation: One massive headache.

With my previous business I managed my client base with my accounting system. But there were a lot of holes with that, communication being one. Managing interactions. Yeah...problems with that too. And tasks for each client or project. Really, I managed all of it in my head. If only I had known.

In this new world of business some very clever people have put together online software that takes all of these systems and puts them together. In one. These are smart people who need a standing ovation. Right. Now. And you don't even know it.

HubSpot is the CRM that I chose for my business. And I'm loving it. Here's why I love HubSpot:

1) There's a free version. Not a trial version that allows you a few clients but an absolutely 100% free version that you can use for your business. And it includes A LOT for the basics of your business.

2) It's customisable. The basic format of HubSpot is static. But how you interact with client information is customisable to your specific needs. In one word: Brilliant!

3) You can connect other frequently used tools to it via apps. These include (but not limited to) your website, Zoom, your calendar, Facebook Messenger, Canva and so SO many more.

4) Everything is in one spot. Everything. It's organised and easy to find. (I do love organised and easy.)

5) I have been able to do away with a lot of my excess paperwork and bulky ways of managing my business.

I'm sure that as I continue to grow my business and engage with HubSpot I will come to love it more.

Do you use a CRM? What do you love about it?

If you don't use a CRM but want to learn more you can reach me through my website or via my Client Discovery Form. I'm happy to work with you and teach you what I know!

~ h

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