Happy Thanksgiving!!

Y'all! It's Thanksgiving in a few days.

A few years ago it became really popular on Facebook to share every day one thing that you were thankful for in the month of November. And it was lovely to read those thankful things every day for one month.

I realised at the beginning of October that I needed to shrink the amount of time I was journaling every morning. Long gone are the days of the one hour (plus!) journal writing.

I condensed it down to:

3 Positive Things That Happened Yesterday

5 Thankful Things From Yesterday

2 Things I'm Struggling With

Here's what I've realised...

If I miss my thankfulness practice over too many days my mind automatically strays to the hard things that I'm struggling with every day.

My thankfulness practice keeps me focussed on all the wonderful things that happen in my days. Even if the days are really hard I can always find 5 things.

Here's a few things I've discovered I'm thankful for:

- The cool and rainy weather

- That I always want to learn

- My child being more communicative with me

- Quick and easy meals to make

- Leaving space for myself

- For a woman who has become a friend and mentor

- The ability to change and grow

- For my hair dresser (who has worked a miracle after a disastrous haircut)

- That I finished my laundry

- For my partner who held me while I sobbed after a really disturbing interaction with a neighbour

- Laughing

Aren't those wonderful things?? And those are just a FEW things. There is so much more in this world to be thankful for. We can be thankful in ALL things, even the difficult times. We just need to be purposeful in looking for them.

Here's to being thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. i include the "The Things I'm Struggling With" because i am not, nor do i want to be Pollyanna. sometimes life is hard and it sucks and i have feelings that are difficult and harsh. they deserve a space as well. i've learned, though, that they don't need a lot of fuel. just a place to air out.

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