How Personalities Affect Working Relationships

Recently I have connected with Charissa Lim of Impact Persona. She supports individuals and businesses with DISC Personality Profiling. As a result, I've asked her to be a guest blogger and give us some insight into why knowing our personality type can help strengthen our business relationships. Thank you, Charissa!

Let me tell you a story.

A beautiful friend of mine, who works as a social media marketer, had a bit of a roller-coaster journey with her client. Let’s call my social media marketer friend, Sarah.

This client had given Sarah a list of social media marketing tasks to work on, but along the way, Sarah found the client wanted things done her way and was not open to ideas or suggestions. The client was also not the most communicative type as the instructions provided were not exactly clear. Sarah felt frustrated as she felt there were better ways of doing this - after all, that was what she specialised in!

Not long after, the client started pushing Sarah to work on more tasks, when the earlier tasks were still in progress. In the end, Sarah felt that her boundaries were being pushed, and she couldn’t focus on producing quality work given her client’s working style.

Does this sound like something similar you've been in?

You see, most people operate on the basis of trial-and-error when it comes to interacting with their clients, coworkers, or managers (you’re probably nodding as you read this.) But did you know that you can predict people’s behaviours and understand your own, by using one of the world’s most powerful behavioural profiling tools?

“A research conducted by The Carnegie Institute found that only 15% of success was due to technical skills, while 85% of success was due to people skills.”

Why is this even important? Being very much aware of your own DISC style means you can make the most effective adjustments to how you communicate and respond to your clients. If you know how to identify the four DISC types and how they prefer to communicate, then you can become less frustrated when dealing with the different communication styles.

In the above story, the client fell into the D-personality style and the social media marketer belonged to the S-personality style. These are actually two opposing personality styles, and it was of no surprise the social media marketer found it very hard to adjust to her client’s style.

In fact, DISC behaviour profiling teaches you how to communicate in a way that moves people to action and gets you the results you want. You have the opportunity to give yourself a huge advantage because most people overlook the power of behavioural profiling. As business owners, we must become as skilled at developing relationships as we are at adapting to new technologies. The ability to understand and influence comes from understanding personality styles to communicate and connect more effectively.

Remember that DISC is not about asking you to change who you are; you simply have to consider making brief adjustments in the key moments when interacting with your clients. In practice, this could be as simple as slowing down the way you talk, engaging more, or staying focused on the results. The end result will benefit both sides and truly maximise the exchange of ideas and information. Isn't that what communication is all about?

About Charissa

Charissa is a Certified Behavioural Consultant and passionate DISC advocate who loves helping individuals and business owners harness the power of DISC. She obtained her DISC certification in 2007 when she worked in Human Resources. Driven by her passion and knowledge of DISC, Charissa designs and produces a variety of unique DISC reports that provide immense value. Today, she uses DISC to empower business owners by providing greater insight into the other DISC types, so that they not only identify their own personality traits, but learn how to observe their clients, determine what type they might be, and then communicate to them accordingly. Charissa has a weakness for chocolate, a cake addict, and can make a really good chocolate mousse.

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