Q&A: HubSpot and Junk Email

I recently had a question from Yulia. She has a problem with the the emails she sends from HubSpot to clients showing up in her clients junk email inboxes.

Here's her question:

"I wanted to ask, with emails, I use my (marketing>emails) emails in HubSpot to send the initial message to prospects or anyone who books in an initial call. I know that since it's sent from HubSpot, it sometimes goes to junk mail, which, it is what it is. Do you then continue to use HubSpot emails to keep communication with new and existing client, especially if the emails are a template (first email with information, etc)?"

What a great question!

When I read the initial question I realised that there are actually two questions here.

Q: Can something be done where the emails don't go to clients junk email inboxes?

A: No. However, depending on the email provider, the emails will be marked and the email user will be able to tell the provider with a simple click of the mouse that those emails are okay. It's a matter of keeping an open communication with your client.

Q: Would you continue using HubSpot emails to talk to people who are now clients, or is it better to move to personal email?

A: Yes, I would continue to use the HubSpot email system to talk to people who are now clients. HubSpot has the capacity to track all communication with clients (at all stages of engagement) and it's automated. In one spot. The email goes right into that contacts information. If for some reason you need to find the email you don't need to search through bottomless emails from other people.

If there's one thing I like to reiterate for my clients it's this: The less time you spend on admin, the more time you can put towards other more interesting things like spending time building your business, or being with your family.

I've spent more time than I care to admit on finding an email with a bit of information on it. I could've sworn it was in THAT email on THAT day.

To have everything in one spot, with tasks listed, meetings easily booked.

Two words: Time. Saver.

What would you do with that 30 minutes?

Do you have any questions about HubSpot or ways to save time in your business? Contact me for a free 30 minutes consultation. The two easiest ways is through my website or my Client Brief form.

If you have any questions about HubSpot, please feel free to ask! I will do my best to answer.


~ h

** Yulia gave me permission to share this conversation.**

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